The top 5 Strictest Coronavirus Lockdowns

The world is in lockdown and that is not just tough for our wellbeing but also for our wallets. All over the world, economies are taking massive hits. But, not all lock-downs are implemented equal . So, the economic hit won’t be either. This post covers the top five strictest,... [Read More]

What is monetary finance?

Following in the footsteps of Zimbabwe and Venezuela, the United Kingdom announced it will turn to monetary finance for its Coronacrisis spending. So, what exactly is monetary finance? Why has the UK started using it? And will it lead to hyperinflation? [Read More]

How central banks try to control the money supply using interest rates

With the Coronavirus ravaging the global economy, central banks have once upon called upon to save the it with policies such as interest rate cuts, quantitative easing, and helicopter money. But before getting into the more exotic policies, this post will cover how central banks control the money supply using... [Read More]

How banks create money

Many economic textbooks and popular YouTube movies teach an outdated theory about how banks create money. This post covers what is wrong with it, [Read More]