The Emergence of Credit Money in Europe

What is money? Hi, I am Joeri, and that is the question that one of the most intense debates in economics today centres around. In this debate there are basically two positions. On the one hand, proponents of the commodity theory*** ***of money argue that only money that is made... [Read More]

Response to Hyperinflation is Already Here from Economics Explained

Hyperinflation …. As the most popular economics channel on YouTube, Economics Explained calls it is: “game over” for any economy. Therefore, if this massive channel makes the case that the US dollar has secretly declined in value and that the country is plausibly on the brink of hyperinflation, we should... [Read More]

The Monetary Economy of Lebanon

Up to 2019 it was circulating happily in the Lebanese economy. Sure, Lebanon was consistently importing far more than it was exporting, and as a consequence, money was consistently flowing out of the country. But, luckily, Lebanon had a massive banking sector that was able to attract money far and... [Read More]