The Monetary Economy of Lebanon

Up to 2019 it was circulating happily in the Lebanese economy. Sure, Lebanon was consistently importing far more than it was exporting, and as a consequence, money was consistently flowing out of the country. But, luckily, Lebanon had a massive banking sector that was able to attract money far and... [Read More]

The economy of Japan - from superpower to stagnation

The economy of Japan while its economic might is still widely respected…. These days, the western world largely fears the rise of another Asian giant… But, as it so happens, in 1989, the year that I was born, the world was simultaneously fearful and in awe of the rise of... [Read More]

The monetary economics of Denmark

The Danish Krone is not just the main currency of Denmark. It is also the main currency of Greenland and the Faroe islands. The Krone is issued by the central bank of Denmark (Danmarks Nationalbank). Now, the central bank of Denmark is rather unique among central banks because, rather than... [Read More]

The balance of payments explained

In today’s globalized world, it is highly likely that your car was made in Japan, your software comes from the U.S., your pension fund has invested via London, and the rest of you stuff…. probably comes from China. To understand the effects of globalization, using the standard measurement, gross domestic... [Read More]