The Chinese Economy is Sixty Percent Smaller Than We Thought

China’s Economy is 60% smaller than we thought. At least, that is the implication, if we are to believe the research presented in this research paper by Professor Luis Martinez from the University of Chicago. This would mean that instead of soon becoming the largest economy in the world, China’s... [Read More]

Europe's Upcoming Recession

Almost all economists agree, Europe is heading for a recession. After all, Europe is seemingly dealing with a perfect economic storm. This storm consists of four elements: sky-high energy prices, a surging U.S. Dollar, a major slowdown in China, and finally, the real possibility of a second Eurozone crisis. Therefore,... [Read More]

Nonsense, China’s Economy Will NOT Collapse

No, China’s economy is not collapsing, as so many finance YouTubers are claiming. I mean YouTube was filled with these kind of thumbnails. And, so, I decided to click on one. <Clip Business Basics: “China is crumbling”> Okay, damn, that was intense, so, I clicked another, <Clip Casgains Academy: “Economists... [Read More]

The Fed's Great Inflation Mystery

Inflation in the United States Soaring to it’s highest level in four decades. A lot of great, gifted, economists at the Federal Reserve. No government anymore than anyone of us, likes to take responsibility for bad things. Look, we need to talk about inflation and specifically about why it seems... [Read More]

Who Killed Sri-Lanka's Economy?

This was the highly specialised economy of Sri Lanka. It had a thriving textiles industry. It was one of the biggest tire producers in the world. And it was known as a world class tourist destination, with average incomes double that of its neighbours. But now, Sri Lanka’s economy is... [Read More]