How quantitative easing differs from money printing

In this post I will not only refute the simplistic view that quantitative easing is money printing, I’ll tell you exactly how QE is different from money printing. Money printing, the most taboo subject in economics. But, if we are to believe much of the media. This is what has... [Read More]

The pandemic economics of Taiwan

Economics is often about trade-offs. If I increase my prices, I will probably sell less products. If a country wants to stamp out the Coronavirus, it will have to sacrifice its economy. Or, at least, that’s what you might think given that large parts of the world are currently in... [Read More]

The monetary economics of Ancient Athens

The treasury of Ancient Athens, located in the famous Parthenon building, was basically, much like the Federal Reserve building is today, the epicentre of the international monetary system. And the Silver Drachmae was really the dollar of the Mediterranean. Furthermore, the famous port of Piraeus, where sailors from all over... [Read More]

The monetary economics of Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077, the biggest game of 2020 is finally here. In all of its buggy glory. And with this game comes an entire alternate timeline, in which the year is 2077, the U.S. is characterized by extreme inequality which has led to it basically falling apart into civil war. Sound... [Read More]