Economist Fact-Checks Zeihan's China Collapse Story

YouTube’s favorite geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan’s has recently made huge waves with his wild prediction that we are looking at the end of China as a political entity within a decade or two and as an end and an economic entity within a decade But, is this prediction a bout... [Read More]

Is This The End of Inflation?

This is the path of inflation in the United States, the UK, and Euro Area. After being stable around 2% for years, inflation suddenly jumped up to around 10% after the pandemic, while the price of some essentials like food and energy went up by even more than that, leading... [Read More]

Is Germany the Sick Man of Europe Again?

In 1999, the mighty German economy was in so much trouble that, based on the work of legendary German economist dr. Holger Schmieding, the Economist magazine crowned the country the sick man of the Euro. And, today, almost twenty-five years later, Germany once again graced the cover of the Economist... [Read More]

Why the Rich World is Dying and How to Save It

All the rich countries on this map are dying, meaning that in these countries the number of babies born per woman, the fertility rate, is now below the replacement level of 2.1. Therefore, the population of the rich world will start shrinking soon, dragging down these economies, and threatening their... [Read More]

How Austerity Ruined Britain

The core building blocks of Britain’s economy are basically on fire. Its education system is failing on every measure, as schools are running out of both money and teachers. Its national healthcare system, the NHS, is falling apart, with the waiting list for hospital treatment breaking record after record. To... [Read More]