Why QE failed to produce inflation

Script: Why QE Failed to Produce Inflation Yes, inflation in Industrialised nations is far above their central bank’s targets of 2%. and Yes, for the last 15 years, these same central banks have been using Quantitative Easing programs <show meme “printing money” here with US central banker pointer + QE... [Read More]

The Great Inflation Debate - Who is Winning

Inflation is back (USA, EUROZONE)… On that, basically everybody agrees. However, an intense debate is currently raging about whether or not inflation is here to stay or whether it is just a temporary blip. The position that inflation is high now but will soon return to its normal level is... [Read More]

How Russia’s Economy is Shielded from Western Sanctions

You know, it’s all too easy to dismiss Russia’s economy as a retreating one with stagnant GDP and a rapidly ageing population. However, if that is really the case, then how is it possible that Putin is so bold in his geopolitical adventures? After all, he is risking the same... [Read More]

Why Europe Invented Central Banking

Central banks are the supposed champions of both price stability and financial stability. But, have prices and finance really been very stable? or was the world of money actually more stable before central banking was invented? Hi, I am Joeri and to find out, I have collected the best works... [Read More]

The Macroeconomics of China's Evergrande

Why do macroeconomists care about the fate of a single Chinese company? I mean sure it is absolutely massive!!! with assets equal to roughly 2.2% of China’s GDP…. but it is the losses on those assets that matter for GDP and those will surely be much less. What’s more China’s... [Read More]