Turkiye Needs to Save The Lira, Here's How

This gorgeous coin represents one Turkish Lira. Back in 2011, I could use this coin to buy 25 slices of bread in Türkiye. However, the same coin would only get me 6 slices of bread in 2021 (not taking into account gov support). On the other hand, here in Belgium,... [Read More]

Why Resource Rich Afghanistan is So Poor

The beautiful land that you see here is Afghanistan. A land that just so happens to be blessed with a massive supply of natural resources. Think copper, gold, oil, and, a ton of rare earth minerals that are desperately needed for the technology that will help us in the energy... [Read More]

Who is Actually Winning The Economic War?

On the back of exploding energy prices, inflation is now projected to reach a whopping 7.5% in Europe. Meanwhile, the Russian Ruble is almost back up to where is was before wave after wave of sanctions hit the its economy. So, does that mean that Russia is turning the tide... [Read More]

Economy of Russia - Rise and Fall of a Superpower

Look, we need to talk about Russia’s Economy. It’s true that Western sanctions are wreaking havoc upon it at the moment. But, Russia’s economy has a bigger more structural problem. This problem ensured that it never became a true economic superpower. Instead Russia’s economy has been characterized by cycles of... [Read More]

How the West Broke Russia's Economy

Introduction Even though, the Russian central bank had spent years and years building up a giant, well diversified war chest of foreign reserves. The Russian Ruble is in big trouble. I mean, only a months ago, I made a provocative video about how smart Russia’s strategy really was. Going on... [Read More]