How Austerity Ruined Britain

The core building blocks of Britain’s economy are basically on fire. Its education system is failing on every measure, as schools are running out of both money and teachers. Its national healthcare system, the NHS, is falling apart, with the waiting list for hospital treatment breaking record after record. To... [Read More]

How China Hides Trillions From America

China has been hiding roughly three trillion Dollars from the United States through its state-owned banks and Belt-and-Road lending initiative. At least, that is if we are to believe groundbreaking new research by economist Brad Setser from the Council of Foreign relations. This has three big implications for the balance... [Read More]

Did Sanctions Break Russia After All?

According to Financial Times sources, cash payments, or rather a lack of them, where actually at the heart of why Wagner leader Prigozhin started his march on Moscow. This was seemingly confirmed by the Chechen leader Kadyrov, who publicly accused Prigozhin of putting his business interests before the national interest.... [Read More]

Economist Fact-Checks Johnny Harris

Johnny Harris, one of YouTube’s most popular creators has recently started explaining macroeconomics because: there’s so many topics here that are kind of gate kept by economists who like to make them really complicated. They are not that complicated. Like we can all understand what this stuff is. and Johnny... [Read More]

Turkey Economy Nearing a Breaking Point

Erdogan must be feeling pretty invincible right now, after winning yet another election. However, he won’t be for long because he’s really pushed Turkey’s economy to the brink to pull off this win. So now, as the Lira nosedives and his unorthodox mix of solutions is starting to crumble, the... [Read More]