What a Deglobalized World Will Look Like

The global economy is fragmenting into blocks of countries that are slapping each other with tariffs, restricting trade of crucial goods, and subsidizing their own industries to gain an unfair advantage against other nations. This is a remarkable change from just a couple of years ago when Russia and China... [Read More]

Why a “Booming” Economy Could Cost Biden The Election

Biden’s economy is booming! At least on paper, where the numbers show us that its economy has been growing quite a bit faster than comparable economies like Europe, the United Kingdom and Japan. On top of that, unemployment is still extremely low and inflation is now falling faster than ever.... [Read More]

Argentina's Radical Plan to End Inflation Explained

Fed up with decades of sky-high inflation, Argentinians have just elected a controversial new president who promised to Dollarize the economy, which means abolishing the central bank and ending the Argentinian Peso. But, is that a good idea? Well actually, the plan is more thought out than you may think,... [Read More]

Central Bank Digital Currencies | Good or Bad?

This piece of paper represents money issued by the central bank. But, the use of this type of money is quickly dropping as people are more and more using bank cards like this to buy stuff online and in stores. So, now central banks all over the world are introducing... [Read More]

China's Stagnating Economy - How a Superpower Fell From Grace

This is what China’ s capital of manufacturing, Shenzhen, looked like in 1980, a backwater fishing village in one of the poorest economies in the world, and this is what it looks like today. To me this clearly demonstrates the power of China’s incredible economic miracle. A miracle that lifted... [Read More]