The Indian Plan to Stop Chinese Money

This is a simulation of a planned 7km long bridge in the Maldives that will link it’s capital Malé with the islands to it’s west. It will cost over 500mn Dollars to build, and will be funded by India. However, on the other side of the capital you can find... [Read More]

How Erdogan Saved Turkeys Economy

This is the Turkish Lira. And, compared to the U.S. Dollar, it was basically on fire for most of 2022. But, as you can see in this chart, it was already falling relentlessly for a long time, and then started falling even faster in 2022. It was at this point... [Read More]

The Great Crypto Crisis - Everything You Need To Know

What you just saw here is the great crypto crisis. As you could clearly see, the collapse of FTX is not some isolated incident, it is part of a bigger story. A story that is all about speculation, debt, and, what economists call contagion. And, while this story is shaking... [Read More]

The End of Crypto

Crypto is in big trouble. One of crypto’s biggest exchanges, FTX, just filed for bankruptcy and therefore many are now making the comparison to the infamous collapse of the U.S. bank Lehman brothers. This bank nearly ended the global financial system. <We are in the midst of a serious financial... [Read More]

Dalio's China Analysis Makes No Sense

Ray Dalio’s analysis that China is on course to replace the United States as the next global superpower makes absolutely no sense. You see, Mr. Dalio, who is the founder of the largest hedge fund in the world, made quite a splash with this best-selling book and YouTube hit video,... [Read More]